Michael Jackson autographed photo on auction for MJTP (Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait) project Millie & Gavin

July 22, 1992: the Dangerous Tour came to Werchter, Belgium. Pepsi organized a competition and the winners were allowed to meet Michael before the concert that day.

There, a photo was taken by his photographer which all winners received afterwards. The fan who got this picture found a surprise on the back of the photo: Michael autographed it with LOVE and his signature with the characteristic little star.


Auction for the MJTP project: This Belgian fan donates half the amount collected by this auction to the MJTP project for Millie and Gavin, two brave children in Ireland that will receive the last two dots in the portrait. Artist David Ilan will travel to them with the artwork to personally place the dots. The story of Millie and Gavin touched Michael's heart and undoubtedly the heart of everyone. MJTP brought the story.


Would you like to buy the REAL Michael autograph, then you now have a unique opportunity!


On the photo: all the winners together with Mr. Michael Jackson (he holds a check for “Heal the World” in his hands). On the back of the photo you can see his autograph. Extra: original tour ticket Werchter 1992/07/22.


Deadline of the auction: Saturday 2013, May 18 at 2 PM CET time (= Central European Time) so “be quick” is the message.

Bidding: send your bid to email address: mjtp@mjunity.org

Also include your info: name + full address, email address + telephone number.


If there is a higher bid by another fan, you will be notified by the chairman of Unity!. Privacy is guaranteed, the name of the winner will NOT be announced.

Given the item is in Belgium, Unity! will guarantee the dispatch of this item, registered shipping will be free, personal collection is possible if an arrangement is made.

If the auction exceeds the amount that is necessary for traveling to Ireland, then the remaining amount will be used to buy gifts for the children.

The fan with the winning bid gets more information about the payment later, payment through Paypal is possible.


Hopefully this item can contribute to Millie and Gavin receiving a visit by David Ilan soon and that the greatest-ever project surrounding Michael, The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait, can be completed.




Submit your bid until Saturday 2013, May 18 at 2 PM CET

Starting bid: 20 EUR

Email : mjtp@mjunity.org




Auction by Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait and Unity, Belgian Michael Jackson Fan Club


A word from David: “The photo sale is very generous, we really appreciate it. We hope to bring Michael's healing legacy to Millie and Gavin. Please help make it happen!”



David Ilan for Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait: http://www.michaeljacksontributeportrait.com/

Vincent De Cock for Unity! (Belgian MJ fan club) http://www.unity-mjfanclub.org


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